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“I’ve always wanted to run a business focussed on those who are enjoying, preparing, or planning ahead for their retirement.

The financial services industry has always focussed its attention on people who are accumulating savings and investments but has neglected those who want to make use of that money to fund their spending, once they have stopped work.”

“It was partly the challenge of planning retirement which attracted me to specialise in this area. Retirement forces us to deal with uncertainty – none of us knows how long our retirement will last, and it’s tough to work out how much you might spend and when. Added to that, the amazing improvements in life expectancy which we have experienced in our lifetimes have completely changed how we think of retirement. It’s no longer a short, homogenous phase of our lives, but, rather, one of the longest parts of our lives, divided into three distinct phases. This creates interesting challenges for financial planners in this area. I’m strongly of the opinion that the challenges are such that they are best dealt with by a specialist.”
“Those of you who know me will know that I’ve always been keen to learn and to improve my knowledge whenever I can. My natural curiosity has always enabled me to benefit from the latest research and to use this for the benefit of my clients. For the last few years, the best research into retirement has emanated from universities in the USA, and I’ve been able to adapt this for use in the UK.”

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Meet the team behind Sussex Retirement Planning

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