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When setting up the business, I was keen to avoid working in splendid isolation, but at the same time, I wanted to ensure that I was able to give each client a personal and bespoke service. It was important to me to avoid the inefficiency and lack of personalisation that we have all encountered in larger firms. As well as working with Jamie, I wanted to ensure that there was a panel of experts to work with me, including:

Our Investment

We meet quarterly to decide upon investment strategy for our clients and to consider how markets are changing. Paul Thatcher from THL offers his wealth of accountancy experience and I am delighted to continue with Martin Bamford who worked with me on the investment committee at Informed Choice. We will also be joined by other Chartered and Certified financial planners to give us an external perspective. Jamie Shuck also provides input as a paraplanner as well as learning from our discussions.

Chartered Accountants

We work from the offices of THL Accountancy, and we are able to make use of their expertise to help us provide tax advice to our clients. It’s a two-way relationship, which we both benefit from. We share other resources with THL, such as IT services, and this means that we have the benefit of working with a larger organisation.


We chose the Validpath network as they offer valuable support services to independent advisers like ourselves, whilst giving us the autonomy to build a personal and bespoke service for our clients. As well as carrying out the usual due diligence and meeting the management of Validpath prior to choosing the network, I met several existing members of the network to check on the practicalities of working with them. Validpath provide Professional Indemnity Insurance, our client servicing system and compliance advice, along with a number of other services.

The locums

Prior to setting up Sussex Retirement Planning, I wanted to ensure that clients would continue to be looked after, if something awful were to happen to me. I was keen therefore to ensure that we had locums in place who could provide a service in the event of my being unable to work, either in the short-term or the long-term. If you would like details of our locum arrangements, please contact me at