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Retirement Income

What Expenditure is Essential?

In its recent Retirement Income Advice Review, the FCA referred on several occasions to “essential expenditure”; for a long time, we’ve used the same term,

Retirement Income

The Problem with Retirement Income Planners

I think that retirement income planners are generally great people. Particularly if they are based in Sussex… But there’s a fundamental problem with all retirement

Retirement Income

Joni Mitchell Retirement Advice

A bit of serendipity this last week. I was reading an article from some of our American friends (ThinkAdvisor) when Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi”

Retirement Income

Retirement Income Advice Review

The FCA recently announced the results of its review of Retirement Income Advice. My immediate reaction was to be flattered – it was great to

Retirement Income

New tax year, new challenges, extra chocolate

The most recent budget didn’t seem to be the most exciting. No major changes were announced, which felt like a relief for most financial planners.

Retirement Income

Frugal or Tight?

I listened to a podcast this week about Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA. He’s a fascinating character, but what struck me was how he

Retirement Income

How to Work out Your Retirement Expenditure

Addition, Subtraction or Both? I was asked at the weekend to give my number one retirement planning tip. The person asking the question was taken

Retirement Income

Could you spend more in early retirement?

If an individual could know in advance how their portfolio would perform over the course of their retirement, they could be assured in drawing down

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