Autumn Statement Echoes: A Poetic Summary

In Autumn’s fold, the Chancellor spoke,

With words that stirred the common folk.

A wage hike like a rising tide,

From £10.42, it takes a stride.

To £11.44, the living wage leaps,

For full-time work, the benefit reaps.

A rise so grand, in history’s page,

Now extends to youth of younger age.

National Insurance, a cut profound,

From twelve to ten percent, it bounds.

A gift to earners, far and wide,

In their payslips, the savings abide.

The economic path, a twisted road,

With growth and inflation in their abode.

The OBR speaks, a future forecast,

Where challenges and hopes are vast.

In benefits, a stricter line,

For those who seek, but do not find.

A mandate comes, in work’s embrace,

To keep the pace in the employment race.

For businesses, a break extends,

Where investment meets fruitful ends.

Full expensing, a permanent stay,

For equipment’s cost, a lighter fray.

The self-employed, a burden eased,

Class 2 NI, now appeased.

A saving grace, for those who toil,

In the land of freelance soil.

Business rates, a frozen spell,

In retail’s heart, a relief to dwell.

An extended hand, to hospitality,

In leisure’s realm, a rarity.

Investments pour, in sectors key,

Manufacturing, AI, a spree.

Billions pledged, for future’s seed,

In innovation, we shall lead.

Pensions, too, a reform in sight,

A pot for life, in saving’s light.

A new right beckons, for employer’s hand,

To fill the pot, as workers demand.

Near energy’s might, a boon awaits,

For homes that share their power fates.

A discount deep, for a decade’s span,

In electricity’s bill, a lesser plan.

So here we stand, in Autumn’s call,

With changes grand, affecting all.

In numbers and laws, our future weaves,

In this tapestry, our practice believes.

Philip Wise |

Managing Director and Chartered Financial Planner

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