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Ethical Investments

Risk becomes reality for ESG based funds

The last three months have been difficult for investors generally, with share prices falling, particularly outside of the UK. But, for investors who prefer to

Ethical Investments

Profiting from Power

The last quarter has been exceptionally good for oil companies. The UK’s giants, Shell and BP, reported massive increases in profits as a result of

Retirement Income

Have you got enough saved for a windy day?

The sunshine county of Sussex doesn’t often get battered by the weather. Our roads tend to get damaged more when the tarmac is melted by

Retirement Income

Mind the gap… The Confidence Gap

“Once we know our weaknesses, they cease to do us any harm”. So said Georg Lichtenberg, the physicist who is better known for coming up

Retirement Income

We were right to worry about Roy Hodgson

When Roy Hodgson bowed out from football management at the end of last season, we wrote about our concerns for him. It seemed like he

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