Introduction to the Ethical & Responsible Investing blog

Many years ago, one of my first jobs was at Friends Provident, a mutual insurance company that had a long-term association with the Quakers. One of the quirks of that company was that it offered a range of “ethical” investments funds – the Stewardship funds. I was particularly interested in those funds, and part of my job was to promote them.

The Stewardship funds were considered to be a fad by most financial advisers at the time. They would be astounded to see how this fad has now entered the mainstream. It’s anticipated that financial advisers in the UK will be expected to follow the European lead, and become obliged to ask their clients about their ethical preferences before making investment recommendations.

We want to enable our clients to have a good understanding of the pros and cons of ESG investing. So much of the research we come across is biased, with writers simply using information to reinforce the beliefs they already hold. We think it’s important that you can make your own decisions.

I’m delighted that my son, Oliver, has taken an interest in ESG factors whilst studying Economics at the University of Warwick. Jamie Shuck also has a strong interest in the subject. So, much of what you read on this blog will be written by them. The success or failure of ESG investing will be felt most strongly by the two of them so it’s only right to give them the chance to voice their opinions on the subject.

We hope you enjoy reading!

Philip Wise |

Managing Director and Chartered Financial Planner

This guide is for information purposes and does not constitute financial advice, which should be based on your individual circumstances.

The value of investments may go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.

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