Retirement Income

The key to a successful retirement?

As you might imagine, I’ve read plenty of books and papers about retirement, and I’ve helped a lot of people to make the financial transition

What next for Financial Crime?

Jamie and I spent a lunchtime this week listening to a webinar given by the Information Security Forum, a global organisation set up to help

The gods of retirement planning

Those of you who know me well will recognise my obsession with academic research into my chosen specialism of retirement planning. Most people who have

Does inflation matter in retirement?

Recently, we’ve been asking our clients what has happened to their expenditure over the last year. Almost all of them have told us that they

Do you have Investment FOMO?

FOMO (“fear of missing out”) is often cited as one of the causes of distress in the social media age. Social media is so immediate

Building a retirement investment portfolio

Your investment portfolio shouldn’t look the same once you have retired. Your retirement investment portfolio should look different to the portfolio you had before you

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