Retirement Income

Stages of Financial Independence

The concept of financial independence is closely associated with retirement; after all, if you aren’t financially independent from work, you won’t be able to retire.

Why aren’t you spending more?

One of the Gods of Retirement Planning, David Blanchett, has been particularly busy in 2021. Along with a group of American financial planners, I was

Will inflation spoil your retirement?

In the last few weeks, the financial press has become excited about inflation and it seems that markets have started to worry that inflation may

Sun Fever

Statistics seem to have ruled our lives since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. But it seems we’re still prone to falling into statistical traps.

The key to a successful retirement?

As you might imagine, I’ve read plenty of books and papers about retirement, and I’ve helped a lot of people to make the financial transition

What next for Financial Crime?

Jamie and I spent a lunchtime this week listening to a webinar given by the Information Security Forum, a global organisation set up to help

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